Songs We Love
9:03 am
Tue January 27, 2015

Pond, 'Elvis' Flaming Star'

The long-running Australian rock band Pond features members of Tame Impala, Mink Mussel Creek and Allbrook/Avery.
Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Tue January 27, 2015 10:41 am

The Australian psychedelic pop band Pond, which features Tame Impala drummer Jay Watson, takes listeners on a retro-futuristic odyssey throughout its new album, Man It Feels Like Space Again. With a vintage glam-rock vibe that brings to mind David Bowie and T-Rex, "Elvis' Flaming Star" is filled with explosions, otherworldly sounds and dizzying time changes. A sense of creativity and fun permeates the song, which calls to mind the playful antics of Wayne Coyne and The Flaming Lips.

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Front Row
8:24 am
Tue January 27, 2015

Front Row: Nathaniel Rateliff, 'Still Trying'

Nathaniel Rateliff performs live at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Mass.

Singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff performed live at Brighton Music Hall in Boston on Nov. 4. Rateliff told us before the show that this song, "Still Trying," "is a song about struggling with alcoholism and how you go to bed drunk and you tell yourself, 'Tomorrow, I'm gonna sober up and totally not do that tomorrow,' and then you do the same thing the next day."

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All Songs Considered
8:09 am
Tue January 27, 2015

Viking's Choice: Ô Paon, 'Fille Tannée/Fille Tendue'

"With Fleuve, I was mostly writing about a potential version of myself — a more bad-ass, f----- up one," Geneviève Castrée says.
Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Tue January 27, 2015 8:45 am

Nostalgia is a polar bear in the wild — warm and fuzzy from a distance, terrifying once the reality of its power confronts you. In her music as Ô Paon and in her graphic novels, the Anacortes, Wash.-based Geneviève Castrée often writes about the things that haunt her: violence, alienation, greed. With the loosely conceptual Fleuve, Castrée and her characters grapple with alienation from a place and time — specifically, coming of age in '90s suburban Montreal — that can't exist when you return to them.

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World Cafe
8:46 am
Mon January 26, 2015

World Cafe Next: Viet Cong

Viet Cong.
David Waldman Courtesy of the artist

This week's World Cafe: Next artist, Calgary's Viet Cong, released its full-length debut last week. It's not so much a dark record as a harsh one: This is a guitar-intensive rock band whose songs stretch out with some sturm and drang, while still finding ways to get under your skin. Hear and download two songs from Viet Cong on this page.

Favorite Sessions
7:33 am
Mon January 26, 2015

KEXP Presents: Meatbodies

Meatbodies, performing live in the KEXP studio.
Matthew B. Thompson KEXP

Chad Ubovich has backed Mikal Cronin on tour and plays with Ty Segall in Fuzz. In the garage-rock band Meatbodies, the Californian lifts riff-heavy songs from sludgy depths into a woozy, psychedelic headspace. "Meatbodies," from the group's self-titled debut, is driven by intertwining guitar lines, thick basslines and pummeling beats.


  • "Mountain"

Watch Meatbodies' entire performance on KEXP's YouTube channel.

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