World Cafe Next: Pinegrove

Jul 18, 2016

The thoughtful New Jersey indie-rock band Pinegrove is the featured artist on this week's installment of World Cafe: Next. The group features singer-guitarist Evan Stephens Hall, as well as brothers Jack and Nick Levine on drums and guitar, respectively.

Pinegrove's new album, Cardinal, is its sixth — and first since the release of a mixtape in 2010. Hear two of its songs as part of this segment, using the audio link above.

John Doe On World Cafe

Jul 18, 2016

John Doe has been a founding member of the L.A. punk band X, a solo artist, an actor, a member of the folk-rock band The Knitters, and now the author of a new memoir about the early days of L.A. punk, titled Under The Big Black Sun. Doe also has a new album out, titled The Westerner, on which he performs a song with his former wife and fellow X founder, Exene Cervenka.

We recently asked people what they think about new technology that can disable their phone cameras or otherwise lock away their devices while at concerts.

On its fourth album, Ambulance, The Amazing has a way of unspooling melodies that don't grab you so much as slowly burrow under your skin. Playing with an unhurried improvisational spirit, the Swedish band lets ideas amble along and develop naturally; it takes time to explore the nooks of its songs in search of deeper resolution. That lovely, resonant quality conjures a meditative mindset suitable for solitary walks or the melancholic stillness of an early morning.


Formed by award-winning jazz trumpet player Delbert Anderson, The Delbert Anderson Trio is a cutting edge jazz trio composed of Delbert Anderson on Trumpet, Nicholas Lucero on Drums and Mike McCluhan on bass. Representing Delbert’s Navajo culture through melodies inspired by ancient songs of love and war, DAT combines Indigenous melodies with modern funk and jazz. We chat about their debut album, entitled “Manitou”, which was recorded live at The Totah Theatre in Farmington, New Mexico.

Tracing the origins of Columbus, Ohio's Connections would take you back to the mid-late '90s, when singer Kevin Elliott and guitarist Andy Hampel were out of high school and in a band called 84 Nash. The only band signed to the Rockathon label despite having no formal relationship to owner Robert Pollard's better-established pursuit (behind the mic with Guided by Voices), 84 Nash got to tour extensively with its benefactors.

This week, World Cafe rebroadcasts some of its best sessions from the last several months. Listen in for some conversations and performances that garnered a lot of interest when they originally aired. You'll hear from up-and-comers, such as the gritty blues-rock trio The Record Company, as well as veteran musicians like Lucinda Williams.