KEXP Presents: Torres

Jun 15, 2015

On Sprinter, the latest album by Torres, Mackenzie Scott doesn't shy away from big issues. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter, raised in the South but based in Brooklyn, uses her music to explore heavy themes of identity, mortality, religion and alienation.

**NOTE: This song contains profanity**

It's easy to look back on early-'70s jazz-rock hybrids with a snicker. For those of us who were there, that snicker might accompany a note of regret; some of us thought that stuff was amazing. But listening to a new collection of Yes' previously unreleased early-'70s live recordings — titled Progeny: Highlights From Seventy-Two — I'm not so embarrassed to have embraced these poster boys of prog-rock.

When Ellie Rowsell and Joff Oddie plucked the name Wolf Alice from a collection of short stories by Angela Carter, they were a folk-pop duo armed only with acoustic instruments and a shared love of Carter's twisted fairy tales. They claim to have chosen the name they did purely because it sounded good.

Alicia Bognanno isn't one for wasted motion: The indefatigable lead singer of Nashville's Bully crafts her songs for maximum impact in minimal time, taking care never to overstay her welcome or overdress her arrangements. Feels Like, the Nashville band's effervescent debut, speeds by in about half an hour, having left behind a trail of two- and three-minute songs that stick in the brain for ages.

Desaparecidos chose an auspicious time to break a 13-year hiatus. Since its last record, 2002's Read Music/Speak Spanish, the crusade against disenfranchisement and corruption in America — this band's founding fire — has changed course and broadened. Consider the headlines of the last few years alone: Occupy Wall Street, WikiLeaks, police brutality, Edward Snowden, the transgressions of the NSA. In mid-2015, the fodder for agitated, political punk is both endless and rich.

KCRW Presents: Dawes

Jun 11, 2015

Dawes visited KCRW's studio not long after a sold-out hometown show in Los Angeles and the release of the group's fourth studio album, All Your Favorite Bands. The high-flying performance — both thrilling and emotional — reflected Dawes' palpable excitement about what's to come.


  • "Things Happen"

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