The Shoot Dangs
The Shoot Dangs

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Friday April 24, 2015 the Fairbanks band HARM journeyed down to Anchorage for a show at the Tap Root and made certain that they included a stop at KNBA for a Live In-Studio session!  Not shying away from the Anchorage Press definition as a feminist supergroup, the band is comprised of Rebecca File, Annie Bartholomew, Molly McDermott, Heather Warren, Jon Heintz, Laila O’Sullivan, and Jack Ewers.  The videos provide a great look and feel to the band's music.

Donny Osmond On World Cafe

Apr 27, 2015

If you're surprised that our World Cafe guest today is Donny Osmond, we can understand. After doing a little research, we decided that this former teen idol, television perennial and middle American mainstay might have some stories to tell.

The numbers say a lot: 100 million albums sold, 33 gold records, including 18 before he was 13 years old.

KEXP Presents: Chastity Belt

Apr 27, 2015

On their sophomore release, Time to Go Home, local ladies Chastity Belt unveil a new maturity. While their 2013 debut, No Regerts, took a snapshot of the Seattle party, the follow-up captures the aftermath — maybe there are "regerts" after all? Take in the new album's title track now, because the group won't be staying home for long. Look for Chastity Belt opening across the nation, on tour with Courtney Barnett.


  • "Time to Go Home"

Watch Jim James and his band perform songs from The Waterfall live during a special First Listen Live concert from Mack Sennett Studios in Los Angeles, presented by KCRW.

Sonos Studio is the exclusive sponsor of this NPR Music event.

Set List

  • "Believe (Nobody Knows)"
  • "Compound Fracture"
  • "Like a River"
  • "In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)"
  • "Get the Point"
  • "Spring (Among the Living)"
  • "Thin Line"

World Cafe Next: Monophonics

Apr 27, 2015

There is a quote on the website of our World Cafe: Next band this week, Monophonics. It's from Al Bell, the legendary one-time head of Stax Records: "One of the best live soul bands I have ever seen!"

Actually, Al only got it half right. There are many more sides to the Monophonics. They are a psychedelic soul band from the San Francisco Bay Area that draws on many genres from the '60s and '70s, including psychedelic rock.

The Tallest Man on Earth takes folk music as a convention that can be dependable and urgent at once. There is very little to distinguish him from any number of folk devotees with yearning voices and acoustic guitars, but he — a less than especially tall songwriter from Sweden named Kristian Matsson — has a way of upending expectations and rendering familiarity moot.

Review: Mac McCaughan, 'Non-Believers'

Apr 26, 2015

Indie rock was conceived to be nondescript, but few indie legends come as dressed down as Mac McCaughan. For 25 years, the Superchunk frontman and Merge Records co-founder has quietly made some of the loudest pop in history, meanwhile keeping his profile inversely proportional to his influence on the indie world at large.

Review: Metz, 'II'

Apr 26, 2015

Raw, belligerent, dissonant and powerful: That's just the tip of the noise-rock iceberg when it comes to Metz's self-titled debut from 2012. Released by Sub Pop, Metz helped inject a fresh dose of fierce punk spirit into the record label that brought the world Nirvana, but has lately focused more on tuneful indie rock. But with that kind of expectation in place, what room does that leave for growth?

"Confessional" is a term often tossed around in discussions of singer-songwriters, but it's also one of the most misunderstood. In a recent interview, Mackenzie Scott, who makes music under the name Torres, called it "a four-letter word," common and pejorative, and overapplied to women in particular.

Beauty Pill's The Unsustainable Lifestyle was a promising debut album, an immediately accessible patchwork of the band's hometown, Washington, D.C. In 2004, the record left fans wondering what would happen next, but they would have to wait 11 years. That's because bandleader Chad Clark's heart tried to kill him.