As Heard on Morning Line: Indige Dance Challenge

1 hour ago
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You can respond to the Maori Haka with an Alaska Native dance and win $10,000! 

Program Coordinator Crystal Marrs says she was inspired by the show of unity and cultural connectedness of a Moari group who greeted Southcentral Foundation leaders with the Haka.  

Southcentral Foundation delegates had traveled to Aotearoa, New Zealand to exchange Best Practices and sharing the success of the Nuka System of Care.

  Ojibwe artist Annie Humphrey, daughter of author Anne Dunn, grew up on the Leech Lake Reservation in Northern Minnesota. Learning guitar from her father at a young age, Annie taught herself to play the piano and was writing songs by age ten. Before becoming a mother, visual artist, or career musician, she joined the Marines and also graduated from the San Marcos, California Police Academy. When she decided to focus on music, her children were her biggest inspiration, motivating her to make a living so she could support her family doing what she loved.

Patrick Landeza is a Hawaiian slack key guitarist from Berkley, California. Growing up listening to his mother’s Hawaiian records and his uncles’ slack key playing, Patrick developed a strong sense of Hawaiian identity on the mainland. At 18, he began traveling to Hawaii to study under the wing of slack key master Uncle Raymond Kanē. Patrick went on to establish The Institute of Hawaiian Music and Culture in 2004. He teaches slack key guitar in music camps and classes across the country and has been producing Hawaiian concerts for over 20 years.

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Today's guests on Morning Line are from an organization called Great Schools Alaska - Anchorage chapter - both Suzanne Little and Alyse Galvin share the title of Education Advocate.  According to Little, the group was founded by a group of mothers who got together because they cared about the quality of education in Alaska.

The group's event this weekend aims to show the connection education has to good business, as well as advocate for funding schools.

As Heard on Morning Line: Fairview Park Fix-It

May 18, 2017
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Today on Morning Line, the Our Community segment featured an upcoming project hosted by the Anchorage Parks and Recreation & Anchorage Park Foundation:  The Fairview Park Fix-It

Volunteers are wanted to help with landscaping and repainting the facilities. 

Part of the plan is to plant apple trees and raspberries, reflecting a nationwide trend of planting edibles in public green spaces.

The Fix It event is scheduled for this coming Saturday, May 20th, from 9am to noon, and the location is 1217 Latouche St, Anchorage, AK 99501.  

NYO Modules 2017

May 16, 2017
Cook Inlet Tribal Council

The 2017 Native Youth Olympics were held April 27-29 at the Alaska Airlines Center. The games influences young Alaskan-Natives to improve academic performance, strengthen overall health and well-being, and instills important values, including leadership and respect—values that make strong communities and build tomorrow’s leaders. Listen to the special radio modules to learn more about the background of the traditional games.

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May is American Stroke Month & tomorrow, here in Anchorage, is Bike to Work Day.  

In celebration of those two American Heart Association Senior Development Director Kristin Luby, Volunteer Chastity Olemaun, and Providence Stroke Program Coordinator Diane Lada came by Morning Line to chat about it.

KNBA Celebrates the 2017 Native Youth Olympics! Check out the Live reports from the games below:

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McNeil River State Game Sanctuary Manager Tom Griffin usually spends about a month and a half in April and May talking in schools about bear and wildlife safety, but tonight he'll be part of a different talk - a celebration of the Sanctuary's 50th Anniversary at, appropriately enough, a local eatery called the Bear Tooth Theatrepub. 

As Heard on Morning Line: Run or Walk this weekend?

May 10, 2017
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As the weather warms up and trees are starting to sprout green leaves, and city streets have been swept clean of winter's debris, many running events celebrating or supporting local community interests are available to participate in.  

We've taken a couple minutes to round up the following announcements, mostly from their Facebook event pages: