• Volunteer DJ

    Laurence loves to travel and (predictably) enjoys music from all over the world. She likes North American music but doesn't give it much airtime on World Voices since it usually dominates the airwaves at other times. In addition to working a...

  • Volunteer Host

    Community Advisory Board and on-air volunteer! 

    Laurie Cropley not only is a new member to our CAB helping us with feedback on our programming and our service to community, but also is hosting a new show on KNBA with a focus on the...

  • Volunteer Host

    Miles Pruner is a long time fan of live music and has been a contributor to public radio somewhere in America since 1980 when he joined local Tampa, FL station WMNF 88.5FM.  Dead or Alive is his first foray into radio as a DJ but it has been a...

  • Volunteer Host

    Host of The Reggae Mix: Alaska's longest running Reggae music show.

  • Volunteer Host

    Host of the Friday Night Mix: Alaska's first DJ mix radio show. Real hip hop and real R&B.

  • Radio Host

    Finally, after 35 years, Ron has decided to conquer his fears and embrace his calling.  As a child, he loved music.  He would sneak and play his mother's contemporary and classic soul 33 1/3's and 45's (these are records for those of you who...

  • Volunteer Host

    Stop into the Truck Stop as the Ol' Bullrider brings classic country songs and personality back to the radio.

  • Volunteer Host

    Louigi Tozi volunteers his time helping KNBA cover weekday radio programming. You'll hear 'Wigi' on the air Mondays co-hosting the Afternoon Music Show, filling in for Morning Line and during membership drives.