Danny Preston

Morning Line Host & Music Director - KNBA

Hailing originally from the Puget Sound region of Washington State, Danny Preston has lived in Alaska for more than 30 years. His career in radio began in 1991, and since 2004 he has hosted KNBA’s Morning Line program. He is also the station’s music director.

Danny is a two-time National Broadcasters Association finalist for the Small Market Personality of the Year Marconi award, and is also a past recipient of Broadcast Employee of the Year honors from the Alaska Broadcasters Association. He recently completed his second term of service on the Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska board of directors.

Danny holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from New Mexico State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from the University of Alaska Anchorage, where he currently works as a part time adjunct professor.

Ways to Connect

Our Community - TEDx

Mar 26, 2015

KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with co-chair of the TEDx planning committee, Claire Ross, along with Julie Nolan and Corey Hester. TED started 30 years ago in California and it's had some powerful people speak at the event, including Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert and many more. From that, spinoff's were created, consisting of locations and/or communities. Each speaker has 18 minutes, which they have to be able to speak in the purest form possible in order to connect with the audience.


KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with state executive director for the U.S department of Agriculture and a governing board member of the Alaska Food Policy Council, Daniel Consenstein! The AFPC is a group of Alaskan's who have gotten together because they care about food being consumed. Problems arising with bad food consumption includes diseases such as obesity and diabetes. The ACPC  is a group of Alaskan's from all across the state that takes a peek into our food system and where it initially comes from.

Our Community - Food Bank of Alaska!

Mar 19, 2015

KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with executive director of The Food Bank of Alaska, Michael Miller! The Face of Hunger is in fact changing in Alaska. The Food Bank of Alaska provides resources for those not able to easily receive food. There is no particular age group that is struggling with hunger, in fact anyone not working or with disabilities can suffer from hunger. 1 in 7 Alaskans cannot count on their next meal, which includes 1 in 5 children.

Our Community - Aesop Bops!

Mar 17, 2015

  KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks in studio with master storyteller David Gonzalez. He presents classic fables to the stage in a performance of Aesop Bops! This week the show is currently doing school performances, but the public performances will be held at the Discovery Theater on Saturday, March 21st at 2:oo PM. There will also be a story telling craft workshop at the Muldoon Library that everyone is invited t,  free of charge!

Our Community - Anchorage Reads 2015

Feb 24, 2015


Our Community - CITC Fab Lab!

Feb 19, 2015

  KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with Fab Lab instructor, Tasha Ryder and artist Crhsity Oates! The Fab Lab started with CITC (Cook Inlet Tribal Council)  partnering with MIT (Massichusettes Institute of Technology). The lab features a variety of fabrication equipment. It is a space for students to come and learn how to use digital tools to create real life objects. Equipment includes two different 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, a sand blaster, silk screen printing capabilities, and many more items.

Our Community - Dark Winter Productions

Feb 17, 2015

    KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with Irene Bedard. Last night marked the beginning of the second annual short stories for a Dark Winter. The presentation includes four plays, which the audience is really able to capture a visualization of the play write. As the night unfolds, the play showcases the bold voices of the actors, which is an essential part of the actual process of writing a play. The plays range  from comedy, to sci-fi, to just even the teenage generation!

Our Community - Walk for Warmth!

Feb 12, 2015

KNBA keeps you in tuned with Our Community! Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8:50am we hear from community organizations working hard to help us all! Thursday February 12th, Danny Preston spoke with director of Grassroots funding for United Way, Anchorage, Aimee Chauvot. The Walk for Warmth is a community event that raises money to directly fund rent and utility assistance for Anchorage families when they need it most – the coldest months of winter in Alaska. Over 60 households (150+ individuals) received funds for rent and utility assistance thanks to your support of the 2014 Walk for Warmth.

Our Community - Elder Mentor Program!

Feb 10, 2015

  KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's Our Community segment, Danny Preston speaks with manager of the Elder Mentor program at the Rural Community Action Program, Jan Abbott!  The Elder Mentor program has been active for over 3o years. It provides a small stipend for Elders that are passionate about helping children learn. Elders are able to share their cultures, values and strengths for a whole new generation.


KNBA keeping you in tuned with Our Community! In today's segment, Danny Preston speaks with Rob German of the Anchorage Junior Theater and manager Rosemarie Hable . From Mombassa, Kenya, this explosive troupe of young acrobats combines acrobatic elegance with music and dance while sharing the beauty of their African culture.  Performers bounce, bop and balance to a joyful Benga beat as they combine Chinese acrobatic feats with East African musical tradition.The Jabali African Acrobats were previously here in 2008 to perform their show.