Loren Dixon

Director of Programming & Operations - KNBA

Loren’s been on the Radio in Anchorage for  30 years.  Since the mid 80's he's worked with Anchorage radio stations including KWHL, KFQD, KKLV, and KMXS. His passion for Music and the 'Triple-A' radio format began in the early 90’s which led to him to help establish the format for KNBA when the station signed on in 1996. When not on the radio hosting a music show and interviewing local and national music acts, he may be on a long road trip or you’ll find him hanging out at his log cabin  in the quiet, but bear filled hillside valley of his hometown Anchorage.

Good Time Travelers


David Spowart

The World Cafe announce's that Talia Schlanger will succeed David Dye as the host of World Cafe, starting on Monday, April 3. The news was also revealed in a Philadelphia Inquirer article posted today.

More live music from the KNBA studio's as the big city of Anchorage takes on the sounds of Sassafras! They embrace their Los Anchorage foundation, while cooking up the kind of rock music even your Grandmama can’t stop grooving on.  The band has tight harmonies that are unforced and guitars that drive a groove you just gotta ride. Find the band on Facebook and encourage them to keep booking gigs to with a fresh sound for our local music scene! 

Live In-Studio: SHEL

Feb 3, 2017

Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza... SHEL... Returned to the KNBA studios for another Live In-Studio session! Find out about their love of Amos Lee, the dangers of making video's on Turnagain Arm and some great live in-studio music... all done on only two microphones! The band is in town once again for the Rhythm Heals Concert, a gynecologic cancer awareness event and a fundraiser for Let Every Woman Know - Alaska. This concert is part of the 5th annual Gynecologic Cancer Awareness & Arts of Healing Weekend in Anchorage.   

  The Tiny Desk Contest is back!

NPR is running the Tiny Desk Contest again this year with the sponsorship of Lagunitas Brewing Co.  The winner of the contest will play a Tiny Desk concert behind Bob Boilen’s desk at NPR in D.C. and then go on a fully funded tour of the United States with NPR Music and Lagunitas Brewing Co.



Here’s how you enter:

From Alberta’s wild rose country, Cree/Metis guitarist and vocalist A.W. Cardinal and multi-instrumentalist Jasmine Colette form the band Blue Moon Marquee. Influenced by artists from Lonnie Johnson and Django Reinhardt to Tom Waits, the duo brings contemporary sounds and Native soul to a foundation of gypsy/swing blues and jazz. Before becoming full-time musicians, Cardinal worked in an oil field, Colette on a grain farm. The original narratives they tell through their music speak to communities of mixed heritage and the working class.  

Make your own Adventure in 2017!

Anyone who makes an End-of-Year donations at $120 or more will be automatically entered to win 2 tickets anywhere Alaska Airlines flies! See full entry rules and ticket information below.

On Friday January 13, 2017 we'll draw from the entries and announce a winner on-air. Imagine where you might go for a new adventure in the new year!  

Best of 2016

This certainly has been an interesting year, hasn’t it? As we look forward in sunny anticipation to a healthy and happy 2017, now is a nice time to reflect with gratitude on all the great new music that came our way over the past twelve months. We asked KNBA DJ's and our whole staff to share their favorite music of 2016. Whether it was a new album, a live show or even that song that they just couldn't get out of their head... Thanks for listening!   Danny Preston, Music Director KNBA

Danny Preston - Morning Line

Live In-Studio with the Hannah Yoter Band! HYB is on a roll with a debut album being released November 18, 2016 with the bands live sound so well balanced you'd think this was their 10th album. Hannah's vocals are delivered with a warm smile and a comfort built on confidence that she's doing what she loves. Meet the Alaskan artist raised in Hope, AK.