Loren Dixon

Director of Programming & Operations - KNBA

Loren’s been on the Radio in Anchorage for  30 years.  Since the mid 80's he's worked with Anchorage radio stations including KWHL, KFQD, KKLV, and KMXS. His passion for Music and the 'Triple-A' radio format began in the early 90’s which led to him to help establish the format for KNBA when the station signed on in 1996. When not on the radio hosting a music show and interviewing local and national music acts, he may be on a long road trip or you’ll find him hanging out at his log cabin  in the quiet, but bear filled hillside valley of his hometown Anchorage.

Ok, so technically the band wasn't here in studio, but Zach Carothers called KNBA and we had a chance to chat about their upcoming concert in Alaska.  Portugal. The Man began making music in the Valley around 2000 - 2001 and Wasilla and Anchorage audience's knew them as Anatomy of a Ghost. They honed their skills in Alaska, but knew that the large West Coast cities offered opportunity for even more growth. By 2006 the band released an album on Fearless Records called "Waiter: "You Vultures!" and they immediately found new audiences.


On Wednesday July 29, 2015 the Taproot will present a Roots Spotlight Special Feature: The Jerry Cans

The show will start at 10pm, followed by roots jam on stage (or patio).

One year ago, Easton Stagger Philips stopped by our studios to chat with the KNBA audience and share music from their new CD Resolution road.  They're back in Alaska and today we got to catch-up on the success of that year old CD and also hear about new directions, some live music and... fishing.

The Alaska Music Spotlight airs Fridays at 5:35pm on 90.3 KNBA.  On July 17, 2015 we had a return visit with Alaskan Dylan Lee Johnston and friend of KNBA Megan Palmer. They’ve collaborated on music projects over the last couple years, and we had them both Live In-Studio just last August as Megan was playing throughout the State and Dylan was doing gigs with Deadhorse Highway.  And of course they were at SalmonStock in 2014.  Today they called in from their new home-base in Nashville, TN.

Due to technical difficulties, the program recorded poorly and we were unable to post the audio. 

On July 10, 2015 we were joined Live In-Studio by Marty Raney! Every Friday at 5:35pm KNBA spotlights Alaskan Bands and Singer-Songwriters… This Friday we shared the studio with the Ultimate Survival musician Marty Raney… He’s played guitar on the summit of Denali and recently released a new album titled “If that Bus could Talk”. Local tales and adventure on Alaskan Music Spotlight


Earthsongs Thursdays at 10:00 am; repeats Saturdays at 11:00 am.   ----- 

Brianna Lea Pruett’s latest album Gypsy Bells is her 5th release, a folk album filled with yearning melodies and insightful lyrics. Of Choctaw, Cherokee, and Chickasaw heritage, she talks in our interview about the mentality of being “Urban Native”, growing up in the city while maintaining ties to her culture and family stories. We discuss her background as a photographer/poet/filmmaker as well as the new album she’s working on.

Native America Calling

Jul 2, 2015
Robert Couse-Baker

Coming up on Tuesday July 7, 2015 9:00am on 90.3fm KNBA...

The Supreme Court ruled on June 26 that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right for all Americans living in all 50 states. Celebrations and mass marriages happened in the days following this ruling. As the confetti settles, there are some tribes that are standing their ground against same-sex marriage because they are not affected by the ruling. What does this landmark decision on same-sex marriage mean for LGBT Native Americans?

This Week on Earthsongs

Jun 29, 2015

  Earthsongs airs Thursdays at 10:00am and repeats Saturdays at 11:00am on KNBA.

This week, Métis folk, roots, and americana singer-songwriter Amanda Rheaume speaks with us from Ottowa, Ontario this week. Her album Keep a Fire was nominated for a Juno in 2014 for “Aboriginal Album of the Year”. We talk with her about the collection of stories from her ancestors that helped fuel this album.


Loren Holmes / ADN

The Alaskan Music Spotlight begins with musician Gary Sloan and a rare recording from his band the Outlaws at a show in 1966 at the Elks Lodge in downtown Anchorage. The venue is now the Snow Goose Restaurant.  As Anchorage celebrates our 100th anniversary this summer, the Alaskan Music Spotlight celebrates some of our Local Music roots over the past 50 years.  Our Live In-Studio guest is Mr.