As Heard on Morning Line: Sitnasuak Native Corporation with two big announcements!

May 5, 2017

Our Community producer Frank Chythlook poses with guest Ukallaysaaq T. Okleasik, VP of Corporate Affairs, Sitnasuak Native Corporation.
Credit Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

As Alaska Native communities continue to grow and their populations shift, some Alaska Native corporations are making changes to how they operate to be more inclusive of shareholders who move away from home.  

Sitnasauk Native Corporation is one of those addressing these changes by recognizing the need to reach out to shareholders who now live in the Anchorage area.  The Nome-based village corporation is breaking from tradition by holding it's 44th Annual Meeting in Anchorage this year.  

SNC's Vice President of Corporate Affairs Ukallaysaaq Okleasik, visited with the Our Community's Frank Chythlook to talk about the change, as well as an announcement of a new President and CEO, Roberta Quintavell, who will be introduced at the upcoming meeting after starting this coming Monday the 8th.