As Heard on Morning Line: Urban Eskimo Language Revitalization Project Update

Oct 2, 2017

Our guest today on Morning Line - Marcella Asicksik, is the Language Program Director at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.  Asicksik says the project is in it's 4th year, and recently had an extension of grant funds that will allow it to continue.  Classes start this week, and are offered in Inupiatun and Yugtun - phone 907-330-8000 for more information or to register. 

A Flier for the project shows how language, even names about language, evolves - the name is beginning to change from UELRP to UIYLRP - reflecting a trend of Native language name reclamation - Navajo to Dine', Tsimshian to Sm'algyax, and less precise terms like Eskimo to Yup'ik to Yugtun, and Inupiaq to Inupiatun.
Credit Alaska Native Heritage Center

Asicksik says the program