Our Community: NYO Games Alaska on a Friday Afternoon

Apr 28, 2017

As day two of the NYO Games Alaska 2017 draws to a close, results of the events thus far have been posted:

Kneel Jump, Wrist Carry, Alaskan High Kick, Eskimo Stick Pull, Scissor Broad Jump, One-Hand Reach and Two-Foot High Kick have been posted:

In some ways, NYO Games Alaska is like many extramural high school or junior high sporting events around the US - teams come together in small schools, the athletes compete in regional events and this weekend's activities are like a State championship.  

A common theme that might set this event apart is the overwhelmingly congenial attitude of comradery the athletes have not only for fellow teammates, but also for competitors from across the land.  

NYO Games Volunteer Coordinator Whitney Kellie explains that passion, and a sense of family keeps people coming back year after year, often as volunteers.
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Mercedes Brown volunteers with NYO Games Alaska
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Dave Thomas visits with KNBA
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