KNBA Morning Newscasts
2:17 pm
Tue November 2, 2010

Southcentral Alaska Mayors report on the state of their cities 11/2/10

Anchorage, AK – Anchorage is grappling with a budget gap and coming regulations that may stifle development or cost millions. However, mayor Dan Sullivan says energy is his biggest worry. Wasilla mayor Rupright agrees south central can't go back to the days before natural gas systems were put in place. He says that community has changed the look of its downtown since national and international reporters overran the community in 2008 and couldn't find downtown Wasilla while right in the middle of it. Seward mayor Willard Dunham says he's tired of seeing friends getting killed and maimed, so roads are high his list of needs. Kenai mayor Pat Porter says Kenai was on a sharp downward trend, until she followed the advice of national mayoral figures on how to effect change. With business and other interests, the city was able to dramatically turn Kenai around.