This week on Earthsongs: Broken Walls

Dec 11, 2017

Broken Walls

Mohawk/Scottish musician Jonathan Maracle is from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Canada. He is the songwriter and lead vocalist for the band Broken Walls, also playing Mohawk wind flutes, native drums, and guitar. Jonathan and Tlingit percussionist Bill Pagaran discuss Broken Walls’ latest album, The Path. Their songs carry messages of embracing identity, through personal struggle and reconciling with the past. Incorporating native chants and often accompanied by First Nations Dancers, their brand of Pow-Wow drum is fused with rock, R&B, and world music influences. Jonathan conceived of Broken Walls in 1995 at Elijah Harper’s Sacred Assembly in Ottawa/Hull, inspired by a discussion of the barriers that separate visitors to the land from the First Nations people. The band shares a passion for social justice, engaging in humanitarian efforts to uplift Indigenous and poverty-stricken communities.

The Path (2016)
The Father’s Dance (2008)
Created for Worship (2007)
Beautiful Great One (2003)
Ride the Wind (2002)
Clearly Hear His Voice (2001)
Rise Up Mighty Warrior (2000)


Artist (Song) Album

  1. Indigenous (Give Me A Reason) Time Is Coming
  2. The Jerry Cans (UkiuqInuusiq
  3. A Tribe Called Red (ALie Nation) We Are The Halluci Nation
  4. Broken Walls (Now Is The Time) The Path
  5. Broken Walls (Northern Lights) The Path
  6. Broken Walls (Ride the Wind) The Path
  7. William Prince (7 – Single)
  8. Leanne Goose (Curse The Night) Anywhere

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