This Week on Earthsongs: Cody Blackbird Band

Sep 25, 2017

Cody Blackbird Band

Cody Blackbird is the founder, vocalist, and flutist of The Cody Blackbird Band. Eastern Band Cherokee and Dakota, Cody is the youngest ever Native American Music Awards “Flutist of the Year” nominee. He is passionate about motivating and inspiring Native youth as well as incorporating Native flute into contemporary music. The Cody Blackbird Band features Native flute blended with classic rock and blues in a style they like to call “alterNative fusion”. The band tours worldwide, recently returning from playing at High Spirits Flutes 25th anniversary in Japan. Their 2016 “All In” tour showcases the band’s first full-length album which includes covers of artists such as Kris Kristofferson and Ritchie Valens. The album title speaks to each member’s commitment to go “All In” on what they love most — music.

All In (2016)


Artist (Song) Album

      1. Injunuity (Feeling You) Mahli
      2. Twin Flames (Whispers in the Dark) Jaaji and Chelsey June
      3. Khaliya Kimberlie (Dibs – The Voice Performance)
      4. Josh Halverson (Forever Young – The Voice Performance)
      5. Cody Blackbird Band (All InAll In
      6. Cody Blackbird Band (SerenityAll In
      7. Cody Blackbird Band (LoveAll In
      8. Samantha Crain (The Pattern Has Changed) Kid Face
      9. Leonard Sumner (The One) Rez Poetry
      10. Bonnie Couchie (Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm) Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm