This Week on Earthsongs: David Strickland

Sep 12, 2017

David Strickland

  Grammy award-winning producer, artist, and activist David Strickland connects hip-hop and Indigenous culture with the 2017 album Spirit of Hip Hop. Born and raised in the projects of Scarborough, Ontario, he evolved from b-boy into DJ, MC, engineer, and producer. Embracing his Mi’kmaq and Northern Cree ancestry, David discovered strong ties between modern hip-hop and native music traditions. He made it his passion to shed light on the similarities and bring artists together. Spirit of Hip Hop enlists MCs from coast to coast to paint a picture of life on the reservation and highlight the struggle of Indigenous people throughout history. In addition to his accolades working with artists like Red Man and Drake, David is a visual artist. He contributes original paintings to raise awareness for causes like the missing and murdered Aboriginal women of Canada. As a community educator as well, David continues to teach and support Native youth in his effort to spread positivity and bring love to hip-hop.

Spirit of Hip Hop (2017)


Artist (Song) Album

    1. Small Time Giants (Heart Shaped Pillow) Six Shades of Heart EP
    2. Twin Flames (So Qaigit – Come with me) Signal Fire
    3. nêhiyawak (Tommaso) EP
    4. David Strickland (Rez Life) Spirit of Hip Hop
    5. David Strickland (Window) Spirit of Hip Hop
    6. David Strickland (Armed and Dangerous) Spirit of Hip Hop
    7. Taboo (The Fight)
    8. Iskwé (Soldier)
    9. Carsen Gray (Make You Mine) Carsen Gray