This Week on Earthsongs: John McLeod

Sep 18, 2017

John McLeod

John McLeod is a Métis musician of the Sapotaweyak Ojibwa tribe. John has been composing and performing music for more than 30 years. With traditional country and blues elements, he brings a spiritual voice to his songs. In the process of fighting to overcome hardship, John dedicated himself to music. He found a second chance at life after undergoing triple bypass surgery and succeeded in sharing his music worldwide. As well as touring North America and Canada, he was inducted into the South Australia Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011. John’s album “3 of a Kind” was nominated for “Best Country Recording” at the 2014 Native American Music Awards.

3 of a Kind (2013)
Do It Anyway (2011)
Moving On (2009)


Artist (Song) Album


1.    Ivaluarjuk (Anuri) Ice Lines & Sealskin

2.    Cary Morin (Sing it Louder) Together

3.    Shining Woman & Otsigeya (Keeper Of The Family) Keeper Of The Family

4.    Annie Humphrey (The Scientist) Uncombed Hair

5.    William Prince (The Carny) Earthly Days

6.    John McLeod (Lucy Jane) Lucy Jane – Single

7.    John McLeod (Lonely Indian Man) 3 of a Kind

8.    John McLeod (Long Way From Memphis) 3 of a Kind

9.    Twin Flames (Porchlight) Jaaji and Chelsey June

10. PJ Vegas feat. Cody Blackbird (BetterDayz) Pricelessthefreealbum

11. Nick Sherman (Ghost Town) Knives & Wildrice

12. Brendt Thomas Diabo (Take Me Back) Take Me Back EP