This Week on Earthsongs: N8V

Jan 18, 2018


  Chris Lukin of the band N8V is Alutiiq from Kodiak Island, AK. His modern rock style is rooted in the experiences of being a Port Lions Tribe member, coming from a small fishing village and subsistence lifestyle. Growing up in a family of guitarists, Chris discovered he could best share his thoughts and opinions through music. He started N8V in 1999 with a childhood friend, inspired by bands like Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Alice in Chains. Though Seattle became his new home, Chris’ heritage and values drive the songs in N8V’s EP Nations Rise and his later solo work. He sings about sociopolitical events like Standing Rock and the Exxon oil spill of 1989, the effects of which he saw firsthand. He promotes appreciation for the earth and the desire for the voices of Indigenous people to be heard.

EP Nations Rise (2008)


Artist (Song) Album

    1. The Jerry Cans (Ukiuq) Inuusiq
    2. Small Time Giants (We Are The Arctic)
    3. Taboo (The Fight)
    4. Nahko and Medicine for the People (Love Letters To God) Hoka
    5. N8V (7th Generation)
    6. N8V (Nations Rise) EP Nations Rise
    7. N8V (Black Soul) EP Nations Rise
    8. Niiko Soul (Detonate Ft. The 3MPR355) Neon Warrior
    9. A Tribe Called Red (ALie Nation) We Are The Halluci Nation
    10. Carsen Gray (Make You Mine) Carsen Gray LP
    11. Corey Medina (You Don’t Know) Old Dog Cryin’