This Week on Earthsongs: The North Sound

Oct 2, 2017

The North Sound

Forrest Eaglespeaker is the lead singer, guitarist, and founding member of the band The North Sound. Coming out of real life loss, their 2017 debut album The Valley tells stories of grief, acceptance, and change. Its style is alt-country influenced by Ryan Adams with a title track conceived with Mississippi John Hurt’s “Lonesome Valley” in mind. The Valley is carried by emotional honesty and imagery inspired by the landscapes of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Forrest started out as a drummer before writing poetry and songs, then creating The North Sound as a solo project in 2014. Now with jam musicians Chris Alvarez, Chris Metcs, and Willy Garcia from Calgary, Forrest is keeping alive the traditions of his elders through his own musical journey. He pays tribute to three loved ones while exploring what it means to find peace. The North Sound will be releasing a new EP as the question “what is The North Sound?” continues to drive them forward on their path.

The Valley (2017)


Artist (Song) Album

  1. JB the First Lady (Still Here) Meant to Be
  2. DJ Shub (Big Crow ft. Black Lodge Singers) PowWowStep
  3. nêhiyawak (Tommaso) EP
  4. Rhonda Head (Voices Voices Voices)
  5. The North Sound (Sunshine) The Valley
  6. The North Sound (The Valley) The Valley
  7. The North Sound (My Time) The Valley
  8. Ansley Simpson (A Mixture of Frailties) Breakwall
  9. Tall Paul (Prayers In A Song)
  10. Emily Wurramara (Black Smoke) Black Smoke – EP
  11. Thomas X (The Crow ft. Brendan Strong) Welcome To The Rez

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