This Week on Earthsongs: Wolf Saga

Oct 30, 2017

Wolf Saga

 In Ojibway culture, the wolf is a sacred animal. When naming his new project, Johnny Saga wanted to reference his background and culture, coming up with Wolf Saga. The Ojibway vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist loves the music of the 1980’s. He blends his 80’s synth styles and contemporary indie pop rock background in the EP Auburn Nights, where he writes about growing up, going for your dreams, and looking beyond materialism.

Auburn Nights EP (2015)
Waves EP (2015)
My Time EP (2014)


Artist (Song) Album

    1. Buffy Sainte Marie (Sing Our Own Song) Power In The Blood
    2. Ali Fontaine (Free) Free – Single
    3. Once A Tree (For You) Thousand Lives – EP
    4. Frank Waln (My Stone) My Stone – Single
    5. Silver Jackson (You And I Should Try Again) Starry Skies Opened Eyes
    6. Wolf Saga (Auburn Nights) Auburn Nights – EP
    7. Wolf Saga (All In) Auburn Nights – EP
    8. Wolf Saga (Walls) Auburn Nights – EP
    9. Lunar Drive (Brrds and Bugs) Here at Black Mesa Arizona – EP
    10. Phantom Balance (Gone) Loser
    11. El Vuh (Fly Away) Jaguar Prophecies
    12. Thelma Plum (Young In Love) Monsters – EP

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