The Arctic Cactus Hour

Saturday at 6:00pm

Having grown up on Gram Parsons, Poco, The Marshall Tucker Band, and The Flying Burrito Brothers, we diligently tracked those bands keeping the 70s country rock flame alive. There wasn't much activity in the 80s, although a few bands like The Long Ryders and Blue Rodeo wouldn't let the flame go out. In the 90s, there has been a tremendous resurgence in music now called Americana by the music industry. There is even a top 40 Americana Chart!

For those of you who are new to this brand of music, or who have just recently discovered that it still exists, this website lists those new discs we play most frequently. We also list our weekly playlists for the past month and monthly playlists prior to that.

So whether you call it Americana, alternative country (our choice...its a wide ranging alternative to commercial country), country rock, progressive country, hick rock, cowpunk, insurgent country, y'alternative, cosmic cowboy music, twang core, hillbilly rock or a whole host of other names...we'd like to invite you to join your Arctic Cactus Hour hosts Jim Stratton and Eric Smith every Saturday night at 6:00 as we serve up the best of the pioneers and what's new on 90.3 KNBA.


Saturdays 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on 90.3 KNBA, Where Volunteers Matter!