Alaska State Troopers

Courtesy Alaska State Troopers

Thirty State Trooper positions eliminated, more cuts coming

By Joaqlin Estus, KNBA

Rural residents already complain that state troopers are slow to respond to serious crimes and dangerous situations. But as of July first, 30 state trooper positions have been eliminated, and with more lay-offs coming, it's going to get worse--in both urban and rural Alaska.

Legislative impasse continues

Layoff warning notices were sent yesterday (Monday June 1) to thousands of state employees as the legislative impasse over the budget continues. Layoffs take effect if Legislators don't pass a budget by July 1. The Alaska Senate rejected a budget House majority leaders had negotiated with the House minority, and passed a version of the budget similar to what lawmakers passed in  April. The House rejected that budget. The budget now goes to a a conference committee of House and Senate negotiators. 

State Troopers have set up an investigative unit in Palmer to crack down on rising numbers of property t hefts, many related to increasing use of drugs, including heroin. Social workers say there are not enough behavioral therapists to meet the growing need.