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Our Guests this morning on Our Community: Educator Alicia Besch-Barber and student Willa Pruner chat about the Shakespearean Circus, a fundraiser for Winterberry Charter Schools 8th grade trip.  

Besch-Barber says the students begin fundraising for the trip starting in 5th grade, and each spring a carnival or circus is put hosted in addition to other events. This year's theme - Shakespearian Circus, includes  Pruner adds that the trip is something all the students look forward to, and the destination is Synergia Ranch - an outdoor education experience in California.  

Depending on who you ask, HB77 would have streamlined state permitting of development projects, or unacceptably limited public participation in resource management decision-making. Due to controversy over those differing views, the bill is dead.

Royal Dutch Shell didn't fully consider the risk of towing an unpropelled drill rig through the Gulf of Alaska during a winter storm, according to a Coast Guard investigation into the grounding of Shell's Kulluk rig on New Year's Eve in 2012.

Gov. Sean Parnell is proposing new tax credits to help the three refineries in Alaska to provide lower-cost fuels to in-state customers.

A bill that would symbolically make all 20 Alaska Native languages official state languages is headed to the House floor for a vote.

The House Finance Committee frees up $13 million for school districts, by changing the way the state counts students.

Buying rather than leasing a legislative office building in Anchorage would save the state $2.4 million a year, according to Rep. Mike Hawker, Legislative Council chair.

The Alaska House has rejected extending a perk to military same-sex partners - the use of their home-state drivers' license when here temporarily.

The House Finance committee is looking at ways to handle the state's debt to employee pensions.

Alaska's life expectancy is 34th in the nation, and that of Alaska Native people is seven years less than that of Alaskan non-Natives.