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Continuing low prices pressure Legislators to consider reduced oil and gas tax credits

By the Associated Press

Jan. 26, 2016

Lack of Funding, Equipment, and Overworked Labs Hinder Research on Changing Arctic

By Johanna Eurich

Scientists met in Anchorage Monday to try to pool their limited resources to understand what is going on in Alaska's oceans as surface waters warm and huge Fin Whales and seabirds like Murres show up dead along the coast.

Why whales died last year in the Gulf of Alaska remains a mystery because scientists could not get to the carcasses in time to study them.  The reason the seabirds are starving also remains unknown. 

Gov. Sean Parnell vetoed a bill that would have scrubbed Courtview - the state's onlne criminal records database - of any charge that did not result in a conviction. The Alaska Court system has adopted a rule that would wipe the records of any person who was arrested but not charged with a crime.

Construction is underway in Galena, a 400-person village recovering from a catastrophic flood last year, when the break-up of an ice jam caused the Yukon River to overflow.

The seismic storm in the far western arm of the Brooks Range continued on Sunday with a 5.7 magnitude earthquake. Seismologists do not yet know the cause of the powerful quake series that began two months ago.

Juneau police are seeking a man who yelled racial slurs during a parade held towards the end of a 3-day Native gathering.