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10:08 pm
Tue September 30, 2014

10/1/14 - Arctic experts, policy makers discuss U.S. leadership opportunities in the Arctic

Experts discuss the need for a comprehensive, strategic approach to the Arctic

Arctic experts and policy leaders gathered at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. to discuss leadership opportunities available to the United States when it assumes chairmanship of the 8-nation Arctic Council next year. As Liz Ruskin reports, discussions touched on development and the need for infrastructure, among other topics. Recommendations ranged from the lofty to the concrete.

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12:00 pm
Tue September 30, 2014

9/30/14 - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski wants to see Dan Sullivan in U.S. Senate

Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said in a press conference in Anchorage yesterday she wants to see Republican Dan Sullivan as her partner in the Senate. Incumbent Sen. Mark Begich, a Democrat, has been touting his cooperation with Murkowski.


Republican Sean Parnell clashed with Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker during a debate in Juneau yesterday. Walker said the state is in a fiscal crisis. But Parnell said Walker has offered no solid plans on how to address the budget deficit.

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11:18 pm
Sun September 28, 2014

9/29/14 Renaissance of Native traditions continues with Kingikmiut, people of Wales, dance group

Greg Nothstine is second from left.
Credit Joaqlin Estus / KNBA, 90.3 FM

  Greg Nothstine, his mother Sophie Egalena Nothstine, and their cousin Richard Iyoqunga Atuk, are the founders of the Kingikmiut dance group.

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7:39 pm
Thu September 25, 2014

9/26/14 Magnitude 6.1 quake rattles southcentral, but no major damage or injuries

A 6.1 magnitude quake hit Alaska at 9:51 a.m. Thursday. The Alaska Earthquake Center says the epicenter was about 80 miles northwest of Anchorage.

New poll shows Republican candidate Dan Sullivan in the lead over Mark Begich

APRN's Liz Ruskin reports a new Dittman Research poll shows Republican Dan Sullivan is six points ahead of Democrat Mark Begich in the U.S. Senate race. The research was funded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It ran a pro-Sullivan ad in April and today officially announced its endorsement of Sullivan.

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9:07 pm
Wed September 24, 2014

9/25/14 - Profile: Forrest Dunbar, age 30, faces Alaska Rep. Don Young, age 81

A profile of Forrest Dunbar

By Liz Ruskin, APRN

Alaska Congressman Don Young is running for re-election. He is 81 and his Democratic challenger Forrest Dunbar is a Yale-educated attorney, an adult of the Millennial-generation who is young enough to be the Congressman’s grandchild. 

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