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90.3 KNBA Anchorage, Alaska – Guest: Eileen Floyd Topic: Migratory Bird Day Events

90.3 KNBA Anchorage, Alaska – Guests: Joie Brown & Doug Modig. Topic: RuralCap Rural Providers' Conference

90.3 KNBA Anchorage, AK – Guest: Sue Sommers Topic: Anchorage Public Libraries summer reading programs.

90.3 KNBA Anchorage, AK – Guests: Sen. Bill Wielachowski, Stephanie Berglund Topic: Thread Early Care and Education organization and annual book drive.

90.3 KNBA Anchorage,AK – Guest: David Farve Topic: Mother's Day and Season Opening Day at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

90.3 KNBA Anchorage, AK – Guests: Natasha Pope, Jim Clark Topic: Annual fundraising event to benefit the Alzheimer's Resource Agency of Alaska.

Anchorage, AK 90.3 KNBA-FM – Guests:Peggy Monaghan and Eileen Floyd. Topic: Arctic Siren Productions benefit concert for the Alaska Zoo / preview of spring & summer zoo events.

Anchorage, AK 90.3 KNBA-FM – Guests: Cheryl Lewis and Flora Deacon. Topic: UAF Rural Nutrition Services.

Anchorage, Alaska 90.3 KNBA-FM – Guests: Andra McClintock from United Way and Harlem Globetrotter Hot Shot Branch. Topic: United Way "Give 5" Campaign and basketball exhibition fundraisers.

90.3 KNBA-FM, Anchorage – Guest: Pat Lavin - National Wildlife Federation. Topic: Earth Day Celebration