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What do educators, cyclists and flowers have in common?  This weekend, quite a lot!

Alaska Botanical Garden Executive Director Robin Dublin says Bicycle/Educator Appreciation day is a great way to get to know the Botanical Garden.  

Sometimes people need a reminder that it is there, even if they've seen it in the past, Dublin says the Garden is the best kept secret in Anchorage. "The Garden has been around for 25 years, from a community effort and in the last 15 has grown and expanded to include professional horticulturalists and landscape architecture."  

As Heard on Morning Line: Solstice

Jun 20, 2017
Anchorage Museum via eventbrite

Today on Morning Line, a quick wrap up of events today, June 20th, 2017, Solstice, and some of the activities in Anchorage.

Events include:

Lunch on the Lawn: 

A free summer event 11:30 to 3:30 each Tuesday at the Anchorage Museum Lawn, until August 29th, today celebrating solstice, with activities focused on building your own Stonehenge, learn about Botanical Elixirs, crystals and Solar Energy. 

Smithsonian Institute NMAI

KNBA's Morning Line crew got a chance to catch up with Lieutenant Colonel Wayne Don today, about an event tonight at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.  Don says he had a chance to solicit Alaska Native Veteran input at the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention last year, and tonight's event is a continuation of the process.  

The Memorial will be located in the heart of Washington, D.C., at the National Mall. 

A flier circulated this week says:

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Alaska Pacific University has long been a respected Alaskan higher education institution, founded in Anchorage in 1958 as Alaska Methodist University, with groundbreaking dedication June 29, one day before the US Senate voted for Alaska Statehood. 

A newer Alaska Native Executive Leadership program is also offered, and perhaps foreshadows the direction APU is embarking on - emerging as a tribal college in a cooperative effort with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.  

Spearheading the effort is Dr. Bob Onders, MD., MPA., JD.

Theatrical Music Video Camp PSAs

Jun 9, 2017

In June, the Cook Inlet Tribal Council's Schoolyard Theatrical Music Video Camp spent a day at KNBA to learn a bit about microphone use and practice delivery.  

The students consisted of seven creative middle school students, while a handful of high school student interns as well as Academic Instructor Cail Hubert & Counselor Kimberly Smith provided direction.  

The following Public Service Announcements are the products the camp produced - Enjoy!

Too Much Makeup:


Don't Talk to Robots:

Issues with Racism:

Cybersecurity and Jobs:

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Rain or shine, each summer, usually the second Saturday in June, June 10th, the community of Mountain View hosts a street fair - and the last few have been tied to World Refugee Day, which happens June 20th this year.  

Representative Garen Tarr, spoke with the Morning Line crew about this year's Fair.  This year's performances include Nepali, Congolese, Sudanese and Iraqi traditional songs and dances, as well as Kill Bill Saxophone on stage. 

Cook Inlet Tribal Council

As summer gets into full swing, summer camps are helping youth stay active and involved now that school is out.  KNBA is involved in helping a middle school camp, the CITC Theatrical Music Video Camp, touch on voicework and using microphones for Public Service Announcements. 

Cook Inlet Tribal Council's Schoolyard program Counselor Kimberly Smith says although CITC's summer camps have filled up already, the Schoolyard After-School Program has availability this fall - which is aimed at Alaska Native and American Indian high school-age students in the Anchorage area.  

As heard on Morning Line: What does the Spenard Jazz Festival have to do with the Anchorage International Film Festival?

One festival is in winter, the other is a summer event - both happen in Anchorage, and are well-attended by art lovers in extra-tuffs, but beyond the obvious, what's the connection?

Anchorage International Film Festival Director Rebecca Pottebaum says among other things, two musicians connect the two arts - tonight, in the live presentation of Buster Keeton's Steamboat Bill Jr - at the Beartooth TheatrePub.

As Heard on Morning Line: Potter Marsh Discovery Day

May 30, 2017
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Friendly faces and kind voices graced the Morning Line airwaves this Tuesday, reminding listeners about an event happening this coming Saturday, June 3rd. 

It's called the Potter Marsh Discovery Day, and, as the name implies, it's designed for unfamiliar people to discover what the refuge has to offer, as well as for long-time Refuge users to celebrate spring.  

The Marsh is a popular stopping place for migrating birds, as well as a nesting area for many species that choose to stick around.

As Heard on Morning Line: Indige Dance Challenge

May 23, 2017
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You can respond to the Maori Haka with an Alaska Native dance and win $10,000! 

Program Coordinator Crystal Marrs says she was inspired by the show of unity and cultural connectedness of a Moari group who greeted Southcentral Foundation leaders with the Haka.  

Southcentral Foundation delegates had traveled to Aotearoa, New Zealand to exchange Best Practices and sharing the success of the Nuka System of Care.