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As Heard on Morning Line: Alaska Innocence Project

Jul 25, 2017
Alaska Innocence Project

This morning's guests for Our Community were Bill Oberly, Alaska Innocence Project Executive Director, and Board Member Kevin Tripp.  

The Alaska Innocence Project has a fundraiser film showing this coming Monday, the 31st at the Bear Tooth - Alfred Hitchcock's The Wrong Man. 

As Heard on Morning Line: A Death Row Story

Jul 24, 2017

Our guests this morning on Our Community included Joe D'Ambrosio, an innocent man who went to prison at the tender age of 26 for a crime he did not commit.  After 20 years in an Ohio prison, through a stroke of luck (or divine intervention, depending on who you ask),  D'Ambrosio was able to meet Reverend Neil Kookoothe, whose education in Law and Nursing allowed him to percieve Joe's innocence and moved him to find a way to do something about it.

Two events in Anchorage this week highlight the journey, and share the story - 

Michael Conti - Michael Conti Photography for Anchorage Museum at Rasmussen Center

As the World Eskimo Indian Olympics continues - it's day three of the four day sporting event and celebration of indigenous culture - Marjorie Tahbone, WEIO 2017 Gold Medalist in the Indian Stick Pull checked in with KNBA to update us on the flavor and some of her favorites today.  

As Heard on Morning Line: Chugach Children's Forest

Jul 21, 2017

As heard on Morning Line: the Forest Service's Chugach National Forest has opportunities for youth from middle school to high school age which help young folks get out and enjoy nature, under a range of programs under the Chugach Children's Forest umbrella.  

Chugach Children's Forest Youth Conservation Corp focuses on teens 15-18 years old, who learn safe work skills while installing fencing, signage and other trail maintenance tasks, as part of a fire fuel reduction project.  

Our Community: WEIO Report Featuring Marjorie Tahbone

Jul 20, 2017
WEIO via Facebook

Each July, athletes, vendors and spectators converge on sunny Fairbanks to partake in an event that, in some ways is completely ancient, and in other ways was first held in this form in 1961, and continues today - the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics, also known as WEIO.

This year, KNBA is fortunate enough to have Marjorie Tahbone, a young leader and champion in her own right, contribute a phone report as she witnessed Autumn Ridley take first place in the Alaskan High Kick.

As Heard on Morning Line: Anchorage Teddy Bear Picnic

Jul 20, 2017
Anchorage Park Foundation via Facebook

It's become an annual event, and the Anchorage Teddy Bear Picnic features games, booths, food and live music, and yes, teddy bears, whether you bring your own or find a new pal at the adoption station. 

Anchorage Park Foundation representative Molly Brenner says the event is also a great way to get out and play this summer, and learn about inclusive play. 

As Heard on Morning Line: Bob Sam, Tlingit Storyteller

Jul 19, 2017
Hiro Aoki on

Every now and then on Our Community, we highlight artists and their efforts in spreading joy, or insight or commiserating in sorrow, as artists are wont to do.  

In this story, pulled from KNBA's archives, Bob Sam relates "How Wind Found a Home," and I think you will agree it is just too good not share and to listen to again!

As Heard on Morning Line: Alaska Women Ascend

Jul 17, 2017
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

Kay Brown and Suzanne Little stopped by Morning Line to talk about a new training program called Alaska Women Ascend. 

Kay Brown is a political strategist, media specialist, manager and fundraiser.  As a former legislator of 10-years, former director of Alaska's Division of Oil and Gas, and Executive Director of Alaska Democratic Party, Brown has practical experience to pass along to trainees. 

As heard on Morning Line: Chanlyut Suit Drive

Jul 17, 2017

During the month of July, for the 8th year in a row, Cook Inlet Tribal Council's Chanlyut program is participating in the Men's Wearhouse National Suit Drive, with local impacts.  Two locations in Anchorage are participating in as dropoff sites - and donors can receive a 50% discount on new suits. 

For more information:

Special thanks to YEP Program intern Cornilius Nelson for operating the recording gear for this interview.

As Heard on Morning Line: Salmonfest Sweepstakes Winner

Jul 14, 2017

This past June KNBA held a sweepstakes.  - and we are excited to announce the winner - 

Alex Pansher, you have won the tickets to Salmonfest!