This Week on Earthsongs: Arthur Renwick

Arthur Renwick was born and raised within the Haisla First Nation of Kitimat, British Columbia. Carrying on the tradition of Cigarbox guitar playing, Arthur’s bottleneck slide and folk-style storytelling is reminiscent of greats like Muddy Waters, Mississippi John Hurt, and Hank Williams. His album The Cigarbox Chronicles tells stories of love and loss, while also being inspired by Renwick’s upbringing in a small fishing village. Aside from touring worldwide, Arthur now splits his time...

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When the transition from President Obama to President Trump happened officially at noon ET, a lot changed, including the White House website.

Waiting on the new website were six priority areas laid out, including on foreign policy. The entire foreign policy section is literally just 220 words, so it's hard to draw more than a thumbnail sketch about Trump's foreign policy. But it gives the first hint of something of a Trump doctrine.

The Asian Football Confederation says it found out that a dozen Brazilian-born soccer players playing for East Timor were registered using phony birth or baptism certificates.

Now, it has booted the East Timor team out of the 2023 Asian Cup. The players involved in the scheme played in 29 matches, which included World Cup qualifying games.

All Things Considered co-host Ari Shapiro is on a road trip leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump on Jan. 20. He is driving through North Carolina and Virginia, on the way to Washington, D.C. These are two swing states that went in opposite directions in November, each by a close margin: North Carolina for Trump, Virginia for Hillary Clinton. As the country faces dramatic changes, we're asking people what they want from that change — and what concerns them.

As Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th U.S. president, protests, demonstrations — and a few celebrations — were underway in cities around the world.

In London, demonstrators holding anti-Trump signs gathered outside the U.S. Embassy on Friday evening. Earlier in the day, huge banners saying "Build Bridges Not Walls" were hung across the city's bridges, part of a U.K. campaign that that began after Trump was elected in November.

Doctors Without Borders says that the death toll has risen to "about 90" from a Nigerian military airstrike Tuesday on a displaced persons camps in the country's restive Borno state.

Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari has said that the bombing happened during an operation targeting Boko Haram militants and was accidental.

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Streaming changes at KNBA

A new App for streaming KNBA is under construction and will debut as soon as possible. KNBA has switched streaming services, along with a multitude of NPR stations, to a new outfit called Triton Digital. As usual, streaming from KNBA’s webpage is the least amount of effort – simply click the grey bar at the top of our front page to start the stream. The first time it does seem to take a few seconds longer than usual, but I think we can all agree it’s worth the wait. However, some...

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