Alaskan Music at the Great Alaska Music Festival

KNBA sponsors the first, Great Alaska Music Festival! A two day showcase of National talent and stages spotlighting Alaskan artists on Memorial Day weekend, May 26-27, 2018. Connect to the festival website HERE for details on the activities during this weekend event. Be sure to support the Alaska Independent Musicians' Initiative as they are looking out for Alaskan artists and bringing our music to a wider audience. AKIMI will be hosting the Alaska Stage at the Festival!

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Morning Line with Danny & Frank, Weekdays 6:00 - 9:00 am

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Today’s guest on Morning Line featured Kristen Collins, an organizer at the Alaska Center. She spoke with Morning Line host Frank Chythlook about Solarized Anchorage, a new program happening in the communities of Anchorage.

As Heard on Morning Line - Steven Moore

May 22, 2018
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Today’s guest on Morning Line featured Mossy Raven, also known as Steven Moore. He played us a preview of his upcoming performance tonight at the Writers Block by performing his songs, ‘Pika’s Prance’ and ‘the Raven’s Home.’

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Today's Morning Line featured guest Adam Baldwin, the Director of Community Partnerships and Outreach at the Anchorage Museum. 

This year marks the Museum's 50th Anniversary. Formed in 1968, the mission of the museum has been to connect people, expand perspectives and encourage global dialogue about the North and its distinct environment. The museum began with less than 200 objects and 1500 images on loan from the Cook Inlet Historical Society. Now, the Anchorage Museum of History and Art has four expansions and continues to work alongside the community. 

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Today’s guests on Morning Line featured Our Community contributor, Rodney McCord and AHTNA dance group member, Arthur Stevens.


Today's morning line featured the story How the Crane Got Its Blue Eyes, told by John Active. He originally learned the Yup'ik story from his Grandmother, Maggie Lind.

Active had previously worked at KYUK and hosted the shows Ketvarrluku and Talkline. Not only did he host, but he also translated Yupik and English news. Folks in rural Alaska credit him for bringing the Yup’ik culture and everyone in the Y-K Delta together.

For more information on John Active and his career, visit

KNBA Video of the Day

Live In-Studio

Chugiak artist comes home!  Chelsea Berry is back home in Alaska for a few shows with Jeffrey Foucault and we had the opportunity to bring her Live In-Studio to hear more of her story, music and more. Learn about her roots in Alaska, her first shows at the Anchorage Folk Festival and where the name Wanderbird comes from... Thanks to Whistling Swan Productions.

Paco arrived at the KNBA studio's ready to celebrate 30 years of traveling and playing songs with his buddy Tim Easton. A new album recorded direct to lacquer showcases Paco's tenor and Tim's talent. In our session we'll hear more about how they met, ways they bonded, the travels and... what the heck is a Melodic Polaroid? Paco, Tim... Welcome Home!

The Alaska Room at the 2018 Folk Alliance conference, in Kansas City, MO, was a great reason for KNBA to test some new equipment used for 'remote' broadcasts.  Michael Howard led the live music from Alaskans attending the big event down south!

Live In-Studio: Ray Troll and The Ratfish Wranglers

Feb 16, 2018

Whitehorse, Yukon is home for Gordie Tentrees. His days could be filled with family, hockey, skiing, running or he just might hit the road and tour through small towns and cities where he brings the characters and the character of the road to music. His newest project features Jaxson Haldane on a CD called Grit, showcasing the real, raw sound of a Gordie Tentrees performance. Since 2014 he's played 550 shows in 11 different countries, but when you meet him you feel like he's your good neighbor friend who plays music at your favorite hole in the wall.