Live In-Studio: The Alaska Room at Folk Alliance

The Alaska Room at the 2018 Folk Alliance conference, in Kansas City, MO, was a great reason for KNBA to test some new equipment used for 'remote' broadcasts. Michael Howard led the live music from Alaskans attending the big event down south! For 2018, the Alaska Independent Musician Initiative (AKIMI) will present the Alaska private showcase room for the second year. Over seven Alaska-based organizations (KNBA, Parlor in the Round, Anchorage Music Co-Op, Spenard Jazzfest, Anchorage...

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Yaari Walker / Yaari Walker

Our guest this morning on Our Community is Yaari Walker, who will be speaking at an event tonight at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, called Urban Homesteading 101, Whale Harvest. 

Ms. Walker says she will be emphasizing the importance of the bowhead whale tonight, and passing along wisdom she learned from her Elders: "Aghvehniiq megnunaghllagtuq - Bowhead Whaling is very Sacred."   Walker also said she learned from those traditions that there comes a time to come together and work together.

Valerie Baalerud

Tuesday's guest  on Morning Line: Alaska's winner of the Milken Educator Award Valerie Baalerud talks about making history fun in her Eagle River High School classroom.  

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Coming up next Wednesday, Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) is hosting a Job Fair with more than 60 entities seeking workers: 


Job Fair at The Northway Mall

Wednesday, February 7 at 11 AM - 4 PM

The Cook Inlet Tribal Council's Viola Smith, Job Developer, says recruiters will be on hand to fill positions in Public Safety, Fisheries and Fish Processing, Tourism in both transportation and the Hotel industry.  

KNBA's App is ready for you!

Jan 27, 2018

You may have heard KNBA is streaming - but we have a reminder that it's available both on the App store and Google Play!  

Naturally you can also stream on above, on the gray bar, but if you want to use mobile, both the KNBA and Native Voice One (NV1) app are available.  



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For the 21st year in a row, Southcentral Foundation is hosting a celebration of health and wellness this weekend. 

Southcentral Foundation Event Coordinator Denise Bingham points out, there will be familiar highlights, like Nolan the Inflatable Colon, the non-profit partner services booths,and live entertainment.

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Alaska Water Wars

5-Part KNBA Radio News Series

Live In-Studio

The Alaska Room at the 2018 Folk Alliance conference, in Kansas City, MO, was a great reason for KNBA to test some new equipment used for 'remote' broadcasts.  Michael Howard led the live music from Alaskans attending the big event down south!

Whitehorse, Yukon is home for Gordie Tentrees. His days could be filled with family, hockey, skiing, running or he just might hit the road and tour through small towns and cities where he brings the characters and the character of the road to music. His newest project features Jaxson Haldane on a CD called Grit, showcasing the real, raw sound of a Gordie Tentrees performance. Since 2014 he's played 550 shows in 11 different countries, but when you meet him you feel like he's your good neighbor friend who plays music at your favorite hole in the wall.

On Friday January 19, 2018 Jonathan Bower joined us to talk about his new album "Light Years".  The adjunct professor/songwriter has turned his homework into his music. The new CD keeps you in touch with living the Alaska life. With an amazing crew of Deep State musicians, his new album is definitely his best work yet!

Live In-Studio: The Moxie Strings at KNBA

Jan 19, 2018
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

Our Guests this morning on Our Community were the live band - The Moxie Strings, a band out of Michigan composed of classically trained musicians.  They decided they could do something besides chamber music, and the band was born! 

The Moxie Strings play tonight at 7:30 at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, through the Anchorage Concert Association.     

Violinist Diana  Ladio shared how excited she was to see KNBA – the first Native-owned radio station in an urban market, in part due to own Cherokee heritage. 

Live music in Anchorage requires an audience that is engaged and performers who have the tools to keep 'em coming back! On this edition of the Alaska Music Spotlight we have two guests live in-studio, Emma Hill and Michael Howard. Emma is playing live for us on the show as well as promoting the new series, The Spenard Song Circle. Michael comes to share news for musicians about the Alaska Independent Musicians Initiative and its December 16, 2017 Alaska Music Summit.