The Jesus And Mary Chain will release a new album next March, nearly 20 years after the band's last full-length release, 1998's Munki. The new album is called Damage And Joy, and our first taste of it is the grimly-titled but relatively poppy single, "Amputation."

Here we are at the end of 2016, a year fraught with national strife and general WTF-ery. What better way to soundtrack the fraying of nerves of America than the first At The Drive-In song in 16 years?

Best of 2016

This certainly has been an interesting year, hasn’t it? As we look forward in sunny anticipation to a healthy and happy 2017, now is a nice time to reflect with gratitude on all the great new music that came our way over the past twelve months. We asked KNBA DJ's and our whole staff to share their favorite music of 2016. Whether it was a new album, a live show or even that song that they just couldn't get out of their head... Thanks for listening!   Danny Preston, Music Director KNBA

Danny Preston - Morning Line

There's always been something perversely funky about New Fries' freaky no-wave radiations. But the Toronto band's new mini-LP MORE significantly upgrades its weirdness by incorporating discordant synths and pronounced bass lines that recall ESG's mutant dance music.

When Pegi Young's marriage broke up at the end of 2014, she had no plans to make a new album. In fact, she'd just finished one, Lonely In A Crowded Room — which interested parties were eager, of course, to parse for clues of discord in her nearly 40-year partnership with Neil Young. In hindsight, perhaps they were there to be mined in the music, she said during a recent phone call.

There is no name for the music Krallice makes, only a sphere that encompasses it. In recent years, the band's mutant metal has become what can only be called extreme chamber music, with pieces averaging 10 minutes and an insatiable thirst for newness.