For our +1 mini-podcast this week, Bob is joined in the studio by NPR Music's Jacob Ganz to talk about how we connect to songs we love in the age of streaming. The conversation highlights what we'll miss most about physical forms of music and what we hope the future takes into account.

Brian Wilson On World Cafe

Jun 4, 2015

You'd think it would be difficult for Brian Wilson to pick his favorite Beach Boys song, but he's decisive: It's "God Only Knows." In this conversation on World Cafe, he also says that while he loves the new Wilson biopic Love & Mercy (out Friday), there are parts that were hard for him to watch.

False makes bracing black metal that, just when it seems like the band won't release its claws from your throat, suddenly drops you into the void. That's the sensation felt halfway through "Entropy," a 15-minute torrent of terror that knows its Scandinavian forbears — complete with dramatic, Emperor-inspired keyboards — but chugs and spits like punk. It's here that the feral transforms into the graceful, as a piano accents two guitars noodling on a forlorn melody that desperately climbs its way out of the chasm.

Lord Huron On World Cafe

Jun 3, 2015

Ben Schneider has a creative mind, to say the least: The man who leads Lord Huron is a multimedia dynamo.

A few years ago, members of The Helio Sequence joined a songwriting workshop that challenged them to write and record 20 songs in a single day. Burned out by their songwriting process and inspired by their experience with "The 20 Song Game," the Portland, Ore., band decided to adapt that novel approach to its new, self-titled album. The result was an unprecedented flurry of creativity, with results that included "Red Shifting." Here, the band performs the song live for opbmusic.

Earthsongs, 10:00 am Thursday June 4, 2015 on KNBA. This week lead vocalist and guitarist J.J. Otero and engineer Bill Palmer of the band Saving Damsels join us. J.J. grew up singing in church and started the band in 2007. After creating his own solo acoustic material and sharing it with a friend who was inspired to collaborate, the band gained momentum and kept growing. J.J.

World Cafe Guest DJ: Florence Welch

Jun 2, 2015

Florence Welch, the charismatic lead singer of Florence + The Machine, joins World Cafe today as guest DJ. The band's new album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, comes out Tuesday.