Miles Pruner

Co-host of Dead or Alive: Featuring live recordings from The Grateful Dead and many other bands from the world of psychedelic music.

Dead or Alive

Miles Pruner, together with partner Dave Powers, saw the need for a radio show in Alaska that plays nothing but live recordings of many musical groups that have a strong following in this part of the world, but was just not getting the airplay they felt those bands deserved.

Miles Pruner is a long time fan of live music and has been a contributor to public radio somewhere in America since 1980 when he joined local Tampa, FL station WMNF 88.5FM.  Dead or Alive is his first foray into radio as a DJ but is has been a long time dream to host a radio show.  He first came to Alaska in June of 1997 and lives in the mountains of Eagle River with his wife, Dana, and two daughters, Dylan and Willa, who have all helped with the show.