As Heard On Morning Line: American Red Cross Alaska offers Disaster Leadership Institute

May 4, 2017

In the event of an emergency, would you know what to do to help your neighbors?  

The Celia Jackson and Lisa Miller stopped by Morning Line to spread the word about an upcoming workshop series happening next week at the UAA Campus - called the Alaska Disaster Leadership Institute. 

Senior Disaster Program Manager, Celia Jackson and Regional Communications Officer Lisa Miller for Red Cross Alaska at KNBA.
Credit Lisa Miller

With course titles like "Integrated Care Condolence Team Fundamentals" and "Casework Workshop: Recovery Best Practices," Registered Nurses, Physicians Assistants & Licensed Mental Health Practitioners in particular are encouraged to attend.  

However, as many Alaskans end up taking on multiple functions if they live in rural communities, everyone interested is invited, and can phone 646-5401 for registration details or questions, and can also check out the website to register:

The workshops span four days starting Thursday evening May 11th, and are intended to increase leadership capacity for disaster response in Alaska.