Our Community: WEIO Report Featuring Marjorie Tahbone

Jul 20, 2017

WEIO is online and on social media. @weioak on Facebook, as well as weioak on Instagram.
Credit WEIO via Facebook

Each July, athletes, vendors and spectators converge on sunny Fairbanks to partake in an event that, in some ways is completely ancient, and in other ways was first held in this form in 1961, and continues today - the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics, also known as WEIO.

This year, KNBA is fortunate enough to have Marjorie Tahbone, a young leader and champion in her own right, contribute a phone report as she witnessed Autumn Ridley take first place in the Alaskan High Kick.

Modern technology means lightweight cameras can go as high as the athletes do - as this Blanket Toss Selfie by Marjorie Tahbone shows.
Credit Marjorie Tahbone

Recently, social media presence has meant that folks can get a taste of the games online, as well as follow results the day of the events - as well as share experiences.

More about the history and the Games, as well as a schedule of events is available at their website: