This Week on Earthsongs: Chase Manhattan

Jan 23, 2018


Chase Manhattan

Award-winning Pine Ridge Oglala, Leech Lake Anishinaabe, and Muscogee Creek rapper Chase Manhattan hails from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. CEO of Shanob Ent. with a clothing line called Hustle Tribe, Chase couples his Native hip-hop music with entrepreneurship to represent and give back to the community that raised him. New tracks for his 2018 album On Top of the Totem balance hype, upbeat, and fun with more political and heartfelt material. Chase’s older brother Jiman who passed in 2010 encouraged him to put his culture in the music. Since then he’s done just that, tackling topics from stereotyping to religion, with the help of his producer Nates Beats who he’s known since childhood. Chase was discriminated against by both Native and non-Native people growing up. He now acts as a leader and mentor, performing at pow wows and conferences and lending a voice to urban Native youth with his Project Your Voice project. He also hosted and fundraised for the community building block party National Night Out in Minneapolis. As an example of success for younger artists, Chase believes in the power of branding, producing merchandise to spread love for his “tribe” and support his music.

Warrior DNA (2015)
2013 (2013)
Alienated (2011)
Tribal Tribulations (2010)
Backside (2009)


Artist (Song) Album

    1. Mob Bounce & Boogey the Beat (Vision Quest)
    2. Logan Staats (The Lucky Ones)
    3. Supaman feat Passionate MC (Godly Warriors) Illuminatives
    4. Calina Lawrence feat Desirae Harp (Don’t Count Me Out)
    5. Chase Manhattan (My Tribe)
    6. Chase Manhattan (Whole Tribe) On Top Of The Totem
    7. Chase Manhattan (Yaw Tribe)
    8. Shawnee (Warrior Heart)
    9. Nanook (Nanook) Pissaaneqaqisut
    10. Josh Halverson (Thunderbird Sky) Year of the Thunderbird
    11. Weaves feat Tanya Tagaq (Scream) Wide Open