This Week on Earthsongs: Sacramento Knoxx

Dec 4, 2017

Sacramento Knoxx

  Sacramento Knoxx is an Ojibwe/Chicano artist from southwest Detroit. Knoxx blends electronic and hip-hop styles of music with Indigenous, Mexican, blues, and jazz roots. Growing up, he had a sense of split identity, not entirely fitting in with the Mexican or Native communities. When Knoxx entered the hip-hop scene, he found a home for his voice. Utilizing multi-media elements to create both live and digital works, he conveys a message of healing and motivation to native and diverse communities worldwide. Knoxx has become an international artist, reaching Venezuela, France, Germany, and Japan as well as the United States, Mexico, and Canada. His projects have been featured in The New Yorker, at The National Museum of the American Indian, and The Smithsonian Institute.


Artist (Song) Album

  1. Mob Bounce & Boogey the Beat (Vision Quest)
  2. Small Time Giants (We Are The Arctic)
  3. Jen Gloeckner (Colors) Vine
  4. Simon Lynge (Drum BeatThe Map of Your Life
  5. Sacramento Knoxx (Gizaagin)
  6. Sacramento Knoxx (Southwest Detroit)
  7. Sacramento Knoxx (Creating The Noise)
  8. Grant-Lee Phillips (Tennessee RainThe Narrows
  9. Cris Derksen (JuneThe Collapse