WEIO Interview: Autumn Ridley

Jul 22, 2016

Autumn Ridley Competes in 2014 WEIO
Credit Autumn Ridley
Autumn Ridley pauses between breaking records.
Shyanne Beatty was at the World Eskimo Indian Olympics Thursday Evening to interview one of the record holders in the popular event the Alaska High Kick. 
Autumn Ridley holds World Records in three events as well as winner of the Outstanding Athlete Award for three consecutive years - and that isn't counting her wins in WEIO 2016 yet.   Some of the highlights coming this evening at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks, Alaska are the Two Foot High Kick, the women's blanket toss,  as well as the Miss WEIO cultural pageant and to round off the evening the ever popular Seal Skinning Contest.  All of us KNBA wish all the amazing athletes the best of luck in the events still to come on Saturday such as the finals for the One foot high kick and men's blanket toss and the Knuckle Hop.